Imaging molecules of the immune system

Molecular complexes that are important for the immune system response are imaged on liposomes with cryo phase plates tomography.

Imaging molecules of the immune system

In collaboration between Leiden University Medical Center, Utrecht University and Genmab a paper was published showing the ability of phase plates in cryo-electron tomography to improve contrast and discern separate molecules and molecular complexes in dense bio molecular environments.  Using liposomes mimicking targeted membranes of pathogens we applied this new technology to visualize a cascade of proteolytic events that deposits molecules onto adjacent surfaces and terminates with the formation of membrane-attack-complex (MAC) pores in the targeted membranes.

Sharp, T.H., Faas, F.G., Koster, A.J. and Gros, P., "Imaging Complement by Phase-Plate Cryo-Electron Tomography from Initiation to Pore Formation" (2017) J Struct Biol, 197, 2, 155-162.

DOI: 10.1016/j.jsb.2016.09.008.


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