Joint Dutch Chaperone and Ubiquitin Meeting

We cordially invite you to the Joint Dutch Chaperone and Ubiquitin Meeting which will take place on May 21st, 2024, at the Academy Building,  Telderauditorium, Rapenburg 73, 2311 GJ Leiden, the Netherlands. This meeting brings together Dutch and international researchers interested in Proteostasis.

Joint Dutch Chaperone and Ubiquitin Meeting

Registration (free of charge) is now open, so please mark your calendar and register. Late bird registration deadline May 1st, 2024.


The detailed program can be found here


Keynote speaker

Prof. Dr. Hemmo Meyer, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany


Abstract, poster and oral presentation

We encourage especially PhD students and young postdocs, to submit a title and short abstract of their work. Please also indicate if you prefer an oral presentation or poster. From the submitted abstracts, we will select people for an oral presentation at the meeting

Poster presentation instructions:

If you have submitted an abstract for a poster, please bring your poster with you to the meeting. Upon arrival, you will find a registration table where we will indicate the location for hanging your poster (format A0-portrait).



Anne Wentink  (Leiden Institute of Chemistry) & Alfred Vertegaal (Leiden University Medical Center)




If unable to attend:

If for any reason you are unable to attend, we kindly ask that you inform us by sending an email to at your earliest convenience.

This will help us prevent unnecessary costs and food waste.



Collaborate with us

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