Laura Kervezee winner Heineken Young Scientists Award 2022

Laura Kervezee (Circadian Clocks group) has won the Heineken Young Scientist Award 2022 in Medical/Biomedical Sciences. This prize is awarded every other year by the Koninklijke Nederlandse Akademie van Wetenschappen (KNAW). Kervezee receives the prize for her research into our biological clock and how its disruptions affect health.

Laura Kervezee

By better understanding our day-night rhythm, Kervezee hopes to find ways to improve both our health and treatments. To this end, she researched, among other things, how working night shifts confuses the biological clock, and she is currently investigating what a stay in the intensive care unit does to the 24-hour rhythm of patients. She already showed that the time of intake determines the effect of medicines; new knowledge that can lead to simple, effective improvements in healthcare.

Read more on the website of the LUMC or KNAW.

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