New spinning disk microscope

The microscopy facility is happy to announce that a second spinning disk microscope was recently installed, and is now open for users.

New spinning disk microscope

The new microscope is a live cell imaging system based on an Andor Dragonfly 201 Imaging system which is tailored for imaging with high spatial and temporal resolution with maximum sensitivity. The system is equipped with a Zyla 4.2+ sCMOS camera which has an 80% quantum efficiency (ideal for high speed imaging) and four solid state lasers (405 nm, 488 nm, 561 nm, 637 nm) that cover the majority of common fluorophores. Furthermore, to enable time-lapse imaging, the system is fully motorized and equipped with an incubation chamber.

This microscope was acquired as part of the Oncode Institute - Equipment and Infrastructure Program.

For technical details have a look at the LUMC website, where you can also download a list of lasers, filters and objectives.


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