NWO Klein grant awarded to Thom Sharp

In April 2020, Dr. Thomas Sharp was awarded €307,000 by ENW-KLEIN to investigate new methods to activate our immune system.

NWO Klein grant awarded to Thom Sharp

The Sharp Lab are developing novel ways to stimulate our immune system to attack cells it would ordinarily ignore, such as cancer cells and invasive pathogens. Thom Sharp and his team have recently solved the structures of several new complexes that show how IgG and IgM antibodies activate complement - part of our immune system. These data allowed them to identify miniaturised novel interactions that can stimulate our immune system to perform targeted cell-killing. With this grant, Dr Sharp will investigate these interactions using synthetic biology, DNA nanotechnology, cryoEM and immunological techniques to develop new therapeutics to treat antibiotic-resistant infections and destroy cancer cells.

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