NWO VIDI Grant for Gerbrand van der Heden

Good news for four experienced LUMC-researcher; they received a VIDI-grant of 800.000 from science financer NWO. Amongst them is CCB-scientist Gerbrand van der Heden van Noort who will use this grant to study the interplay between two post-translational modifications in detail using a novel chemical biology approach.


NWO VIDI Grant for Gerbrand van der Heden

Gerbrand van der Heden van Noort from the Chemical Biology group will focus on the development of chemical tools to study dynamic post-translational modifications in detail.   “The localization and activity of cellular proteins is regulated by dynamic posttranslational modifications. It turns out these modifications are also modified themselves, leading to a novel hidden layer of control." The researchers aim to develop chemical tools to study these complex processes in detail.


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