Pang Lab awarded the ERC Proof of Concept grant

The ERC Proof of Concept grant, TargetNCREs, is €150,000 and intended to develop further the results of the ongoing ERC Starting Grant of the group towards commercial or social innovation. The ERC Proof of Concept grant is an initiative of the European Research Council (ERC) and supports researchers in bridging the gap between research and market application.!erc-proof-of-concept-grant-2023

Pang Lab awarded the ERC Proof of Concept grant

The 98% of the human genome, sometimes referred to as the dark side of the human genome, contains many non-coding regulatory elements (NCREs), which control the combinational expression of the limited number of genes (only 2% of the genome) to form diverse cell types and tissues of a complex human body, all from the identical copy of the genome. Most genetic variants and mutations also lie in NCREs. However, the number of NCREs as potential therapeutic targets remains very limited. In TargetNCREs, two novel and unique high-throughput screening systems further developed within the ECR starting grant (Silencer) will be exploited for their innovation and commercial potential to harness the therapeutic values of NCREs. 



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