Title: Synthetic tools to study ubiquitin biology


Date: On Tuesday June 23rd 2020, at 15:00 hrs 

The defense will be available online here

Thesis Advisors: Late Prof.dr. Huib Ovaa, Prof.dr. Sjaak Neefjes and dr. Aysegul Sapmaz

Summary: Dharjath’s thesis focus on the development of some of the important and challenging tools using chemistry-based techniques to study the biology of ubiquitin protein. Beginning with the chemistry-assisted synthesis of ubiquitin itself, his work continues into diubiquitin synthesis and how it has been used to study interactions with ubiquitin-binding domains using NMR experiments. Furthermore, he and his colleagues have developed the most sought-after probe for metalloprotease class of deubiquitinases (DUBs) by combining ubiquitin with a metal chelator. They have also developed an enhanced and non-invasive technique to deliver synthetic ubiquitin into live cells. Culminating in the development of a peptide-based inhibitor for a specific DUB in the 26S proteasome, his work has opened new ways to further venture into exploring and understanding the ubiquitin signal transduction. Tune in to watch his defence live on June 23rd 2020 at 1500 hrs using the link above. 


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