Thesis defense Sabina van der Zanden

Sabina van der Zanden will defend her thesis on the 2nd of March at 15.00 h.

Promotor: J.J.C. Neefjes

Co-promotor: H. S. Overkleeft

Thesis defense Sabina van der Zanden

The anthracycline drug doxorubicin, is one of the most used chemotherapeutic drugs, with over one million patients treated every year. However, the exact molecular mechanism by which this drug kill tumor cells remain unclear. In addition, treatment with anthracyclines coincides with severe adverse effects such as cardiotoxicity, secondary tumor formation and gonadotoxicity. Understanding how these highly effective anticancer drugs function and why they cause these severe toxicities would have tremendous impact on cancer treatment and the quality of life of cancer survivors. Therefore, even today, studying old anticancer drugs has high therapeutic potential and opens new exciting paths to improve currently available treatment options.

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