The Dutch Protein Aggregation Network (DPAN) Symposium

We are proud to present the 1st Dutch Protein Aggregation Network (DPAN) symposium to be held on November 30, 2023, at O|2 building/O|2 Auditorium VU Amsterdam, Netherlands.

The aims of the DPAN are creating a network in the Netherlands that discusses fundamental aspects of protein aggregation in the context of human diseases and aging, supporting interdisciplinary research on protein aggregation with a focus on pathogenic proteins, facilitating and encouraging future collaborations across the boundaries of disciplines and disease types and stimulating young researchers and students to focus on protein aggregation research. 


Registration is now open. Register here!

Registration deadline: November 23, 2023

Deadline for abstracts: November 7, 2023

Due to the limited amount of seats, we ask you to register earlier.

Please note that the abstract submitted after the 7th of November will not be evaluated!

The final program can be found here.



Wiep Scheper (Amsterdam UMC)

“Neuron-specific proteostatic responses to tau aggregation”

Monique Mulder (Leiden UMC)

"Deciphering the role of the Ubiquitin Proteasome System in Huntington Disease"

Sander Woutersen (University of Amsterdam)

"What infrared spectroscopy can tell us about protein aggregates"

Wilma van de Berg (Amsterdam UMC)

“The assembly and structure of alpha-synuclein aggregates in synucleinopathies”

Keynote speaker:  Harm Kampinga (Groningen UMC)

“Chaperones and their fight against the protein aggregation avalanche”

Jinte Middeldorp (BPRC) 

"Protein aggregates in non-human primate models of aging and COVID-19"

Vered Raz (Leiden UMC)

“Protein aggregates in dysphagia- a novel hitopathology”

Alberto Malerba (Royal Holloway, University of London, UK)

“Gene therapy for Oculopharyngeal muscular dystrophy”

Pavol Zelina (Utrecht UMC)

“Protein aggregates in ALS”


  • Vered Raz, LUMC
  • Aysegul Sapmaz, LUMC
  • Steven Roeters, VUmc
  • Patrick van der Wel, RUG
  • Ronald Buijsen, LUMC








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