PhD Haijiang Wang


The purpose of my research is to reveal the mechanism of Notch signaling pathway, especially the interaction between receptors and ligands, how it determines the effect of Notch signaling pathway, and how it controls the signal communication between cells. Importantly, the goal is to decipher how abnormalities in the signaling network drive pathological processes, such as tumor angiogenesis, which is a prerequisite for the development of all solid tumors, as well as features of vascular malformations such as hereditary CADASIL. I will cooperate with the mathematical biology group lead by Professor Roeland Merks from the Academy of Sciences of Leiden University, hoping to simulate the way and mechanism of Notch signaling pathway by computer.



I obtained my Master degree in surgery and continued to study for my PhD degree in surgery in Xi 'an Jiaotong University in China. My past work has focused on clinical and basic research related to gastric cancer. Now I started as a CSC( China Scholarship Council ) PhD student in the group of David Baker for two years and I will focus on the Notch signaling pathway.


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