PhD Xinxin Liu


My research is focused on Notch signaling which is necessary for normal development and tissue homeostasis. Importantly, alterations in this pathway has been implicated in numerous diseases including the majority of solid tumors and neurodegenerative disorders such as CADASIL. I will explore the molecular basis of normal Notch signaling and how aberrant Notch signaling contributes to cancer and CADASIL.


A related project will investigate the role of ETS transcription factors in cancer. ETS transcription factors drive tumourigenesis via multiple different mechanisms such as translocations, point mutation, over-expression and gene amplification. Interestingly, mutations in the TERT promoter, which create novel binding sites for ETS transcription factors and which lead to ectopic TERT expression (driving neoplasia) are one of the most mutations identified in solid tumours. We will determine how does the ETS complex assembles on mutant TERT promoters. Furthermore, using various high throughput screening technologies, we will identify novel small molecule inhibitors of ETS factors.




I completed my master in National Taiwan University in Prof. Ruey-Hwa Chen’s group. We focused on the function of long non-coding RNA in cancer and link to TGF-β signal pathway. From December 2019, I started to work in David Baker’s group at the Dept. CCB/LUMC.


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