Maarten Tuijtel



Maarten Tuijtel is a PhD student shared between the Sharp and Koster labs, where he is developing new methods for (cryo-) correlative light and electron microscopy (CLEM). During his PhD Maarten has developed a new method to visualize high-pressure frozen and freeze substituted samples, that allows very accurate correlation between the fluorescence and electron microscopy images. Maarten’s main project was the development of fluorescence super-resolution microscopy on cryosamples, to be correlated with cryo electron microscopy. He developed a standard workflow and investigated the conditions under which super-resolution cryoCLEM is feasible. Within the STW Microscopy Valley programme, Maarten was involved in the development of integrated super-resolution and electron microscopy.

Curriculum Vitae:

Maarten studied Applied Physics in Delft, with a focus on Biophysics and NanoBiology. He was involved in several research projects in the group of Cees Dekker regarding the behaviour of DNA in solid-state nanopores. During his master Maarten developed a novel fluorescent probe for Stochastic Optical Reconstruction Microscopy (STORM) in the lab of Elio Abbondanzieri, in the Bionanoscience department in Delft. During an internship at the University of Edinburgh, he worked in the lab of Sander Granneman (Synthetic and Systems Biology Department) on a novel chemical method to probe the secondary and tertiary structure of RNA molecules in yeast cells.


  • Unraveling single-strand DNA in a solid-state nanopore

    S.W. Kowalczyk, M.W. Tuijtel, S.P. Donkers, C. Dekker*.

    Nano letters 10 (4), 1414-1420

  • Inducing fluorescence of uranyl acetate as a dual-purpose contrast agent for correlative light-electron microscopy with nanometre precision.

    M.W. Tuijtel, A.A. Mulder, C.C Posthuma, B. van der Hoeven, A.J. Koster, M.Bárcena, F.G.A. Faas* & T.H. Sharp*.

    Scientific Reports (2017), 7(1), p. 10442

  • Correlative cryo super-resolution light and electron microscopy using fluorescent proteins

    M.W. Tuijtel, A.J. Koster, F.G.A. Faas, T.H. Sharp*.

    Under revision - Scientific Reports


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