MSc Cristina Avramut

Cristina Avramut (1977) studied Physics and Mathematics at “Al.I.Cuza” University, in Romania, where she obtained her MSc in Physics in 2007. In January 2009 she joined the Electron Microscopy group at the LUMC, Leiden, as research analyst. Here she acquired expertise in TEM, (SBF-)SEM, and in different specimen preparation methods for electron microscopy such as chemical fixation, High-Pressure Freezing, Freeze Substitution, sectioning (plastic and Tokuyasu), and immunolabelling.

In the first two years in the EM group, Cristina’s work focused on the realization of a large-scale morphological Zebrafish atlas. Since 2011, she intensively collaborates with the Nephrology Department (LUMC), performing sample processing for TEM, SEM and SBF-SEM, imaging and data analysis for various projects, and acting as a liaison between the Nephrology Department and the section Electron Microscopy.  

Cristina’s work concentrates now mainly on the ultrastructural imaging and analysis of kidney, kidney organoids and vasculature.


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