Dr. A.G. Jochemsen


Understanding the p53-dependent and -independent oncogenic functions of MDMX in cancer. MDMX is  highly expressed in many tumours that still express wild-type p53, e.g. breast cancer, retinoblastoma and melanoma. Even so, MDMX clearly has p53-independent oncogenic functions as well. We  recently identified a link between MDMX and activity of FOXO proteins which will be further investigated.

Finding new treatments for uveal melanoma.

In the context of a Horizon2020 consortium we are involved in efforts to identify new treatments for uveal melanoma. We are testing (combinations of) existing drugs and are also identifying new -druggable- pathways, e.g. with the use of CRISPR/CAS9 knockout libraries.


Curriculum Vitae

I studied Biology at Free University Amsterdam, with focus on Molecular Cell Biology.

I did my PhD work in the Department of Medical Biochemistry (Leiden University), in the laboratory of Molecular Carcinogenesis of Prof. Dr. A.J. van der Eb, with supervision by Dr. J.L. Bos.  The PhD work focused on elucidation of the transforming- and gene regulating functions of the adenovirus E1 genes.

After a post-doc in the USA at University of California (Irvine) I returned to Leiden University and started a new research group. The work in my group focused mainly on functions and regulation of the p53 and WT1 tumour suppressor proteins. In 1996 we identified the essential p53 regulator MDMX.  From that time on analyses of MDMX functions and regulation has been a main research focus in my group. 


  • MDMX: a novel p53-binding protein with some functional properties of MDM2.

    Shvarts, A., Steegenga, W.T., Riteco, N., Van Laar, T., Dekker, P., Bazuine, M., Van Ham, R.C.A., Van der Houven van Oordt, W., Hateboer, G., Van der Eb, A.J. and Jochemsen, A.G.

    EMBO J. 15: 5349-5357, 1996

  • Loss of HAUSP-mediated deubiquitination contributes to DNA damage-induced destabilization of Hdmx and Hdm2.

    Meulmeester, E., Maurice, M.M., Boutell, C., Teunisse, A.F.A.S. and Jochemsen, A.G.

    Mol. Cell 18, 565-576, 2005.

  • Targeting MDMX and PKCδ to improve current uveal melanoma therapeutic strategies.

    Heijkants RC, Nieveen M, Hart KC', Teunisse AFAS, Jochemsen AG

    Oncogenesis 7: Article #33, 2018.


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