About the department of cell & chemical biology

The Department of Cell and Chemical Biology is housed within the research building of the Leiden University Medical Centre and as such closely related to one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands; the Leiden University. As department we host approximately 200 researchers from bachelor- to master- and PhD-students, post-docs and senior staff scientist distributed over 20 groups headed by principal investigators that all have their own expertise. Due to this diversity we have a great potential to learn from each other and lift our common goals to the next level.

Mission and Vision.

We believe that curiosity-driven experimental research by talented researchers is at the very heart of true progress in biomedicine. Research Master- and PhD-students and Postdocs hence are precious sources of research creativity and highly skilled research technicians are an essential asset for the continuity of technologically advanced research.  An open research culture is essential for responsible research conduct and needed to proper educate new researchers. 

Research and Development (R&D) of advanced technologies in microscopy, chemical biology, iPS cell biology and DNA editing are crucial elements of cell biological research.  


The overall goal is to acquire research projects in line with CCB’s Mission and Vision and support goals to: 

  • Efficiently organize the Department’s research and education 

  • Select and hire talented staff and temporary personnel 

  • Ensure high-quality research project and investment applications 

  • Ensure efficient execution and closure of research projects 

  • Acquire and maintain advanced instrumentation for R&D of CCB technologies and facilities 

  • Raise and maintain awareness of research integrity and Good Research Practice (GRP) 

  • Guide Bachelor, Master and PhD students according to LUMC-standards 

  • Adhere to the FAIR principles of Data Stewardship 

  • Raise and maintain awareness of IP potential of research findings 

  • Communicate efficiently with stakeholders on research progression and impact 


Collaborate with us

Looking for information on one of our topics, a new place to conduct your research or experienced research to join forces with?  Feel free to contact us.!

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