About the Koster Lab

We develop, modify and apply novel electron microscopy methods that allow zooming into the cellular architecture and visualizing macromolecular structures with nm-scale resolution. Our mission is to contribute with state-of-the-art and new electron microscopy methods to research projects in order to obtain new information on biological systems and their cellular regulation.

The section Electron Microscopy is part of the Department of Cell and Chemical Biology at the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands. Together with the light microscopy facility, we form a technical focus area. We are closely affiliated with the high-resolution cryo-electron microscopy facility (NeCEN) at the Institute Biology Leiden at Leiden University.

Within the Netherlands, there is a strong microscopy research community. The LUMC microscopy facility is part of NL-BioImaging, the Netherlands Electron Microscopy Infrastructure (NEMI) and the Dutch Society for Microscopy (NVvM). We are also participating as a Technology Hotel in the Dutch Techcentre for Life Sciences (DTL) network.

Please visit the Koster Lab website at www.kosterlab.nl.


Collaborate with us

Looking for information on one of our topics, a new place to conduct your research or experienced research to join forces with?  Feel free to contact us.!

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