Electron Microscopy

The EM facility offers different types of services on a wide variety of EM techniques, like cryo-electron microscopy, scanning electron microscopy, correlative light and electron microscopy. immuno gold labeling etc.

Service work

For small projects on a limited amount of samples, we can offer our services directly. Our support staff can advice you on sample preparation and image your samples.


For longer projects we can collaborate and advice you on which imaging technique you need and provide different modes of imaging.

Training and Use of Instruments

For projects that require extended imaging, we can provide training to users so they can use the electron microcsopes and image independently. After training on the microscope, the user gets access to the booking system and the microscope.


For more info on Electron Microscopy related collaborations and facility, visit de Koster lab website.

For questions contact: Roman Koning by e-mail or phone (+31) 71 526 9296.

If you are interested in our services, download and send us the intake form.

You can contact the head of the electron microscopy group, Bram Koster by e-mail or phone (+31) 71 526 9294.

For general inquiries, contact our secretarial office by e-mail or phone (+31) 71 526 9200.

Cell and Chemical Biology
Light and Electron Microscopy Facility
Leiden University Medical Center
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