Dieuwke Marvin

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After obtaining my masters degree at the Utrecht University I started my PhD in the Ritsma lab, working on the role of TGF-β pathway in melanoma liver metastasis. Using intravital microscopy we are able to visualize the early steps of metastasis in a murine melanoma liver metastasis model. In my project we aim to visualize the spatiotemporal activity of TGF-β in melanoma cells during metastasis, using a dynamic TGF-β reporter. Moreover, we will investigate the role of TGF-β in the interplay between tumor cell and tumor microenvironment during liver metastasis formation. By visualizing the activity of the TGF-β pathway during metastasis formation in vivo, we hope to elucidate the dynamic role of TGF-β in this process, providing insights for TGF-β targeting therapies.

Curriculum Vitae:

I completed my masters program ‘Cancer, Stem Cells and Developmental biology’ at the Utrecht University in 2017. During this masters program I performed my first internship in the lab of prof. Onno Kranenburg at the UMC Utrecht studying the effects of amongst others the tumor microenvironment on colorectal cancer using colorectal cancer organoid systems. My second internship was performed in the labs of both prof. Daniel Haber and prof. David Langenau at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, USA. Here I worked on circulating tumor cell culturing techniques in melanoma, prostate and breast cancer. Moreover I contributed to the development of a novel zebrafish cancer xenograft model.

ORCID-ID:  https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6953-0489


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