Ing. Jimmy J. L. L. Akkermans


With affinity in molecular & cell biology my main interest lies in testing and implementing novel tools that are beneficial for our lab. Currently, I’m exploring techniques such as: Split BioID (Biotin Identification), ProteoTuner & AID (Auxin Induced Degradation). The BioID method uses a biotin ligase fused to your protein of interest in order to label interacting proteins. Its recently published splitted counterpart allows labelling based on specific localization and/or interactions. Both ProteoTuner and AID are techniques that rely on compounds to quickly initialize degradation/stabilization of a tagged protein.

Furthermore, I’m creating endogenously tagged cell lines using CRISPR technology for various projects mostly involving in the endosomal and transport system.

Curriculum Vitae:

I obtained my bachelor degree at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht with a specialization in molecular biology. During the course of my study I have worked in Cell Biology labs at the UMCU and NKI. In the first lab I produced cell lines that can visualizing readthrough of premature stop codons of the IDUA gen (Cause of Hurler Syndrome). The latter lab, setting up an overexpression screen for novel interactors in the MHC Class II pathway. Moreover, I have been in a Virology department implementing, through multiple angles, BioID to investigating host factors involved in Picornavirus replication.


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