Msc Menno Spits


My PhD research focusses on answering a variety of basic intracellular logistical questions. Questions like, how cells separate their nuclear and cytosolic content after mitosis, how do various organelles affect the movement of and structuring the endoplasmic reticulum and how and why membrane contact sites are maintained between. Using a wide variety of biochemical approaches and proteomics in combination with an assortment of high powered microscopy techniques I aim to answer these questions.

Curriculum Vitea

I obtained my bachelors degree from the technicians school at the university of Inholland. After which I recieved my masters degree in biomolecular life sciences at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. During my final internship in the lab of Prof. Hidde Plough at the Whitehead Institute, I became enamored with basic cell biology. This motivated me to join the lab of Prof. Jacques Neefjes in 2014.


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    Immunoproteasomes and immunotherapy: A smoking gun for lung cancer?

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  • The EGFR Odyssey: From activation to destruction in space and time

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    2. Journal of Cell Science. 2017 Dec 15;130(24):4087-4096


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