Priscillia Perrin


In the course of my PhD, I have been studying multivesicular endosomes and intra-endosomal membrane dynamics. To study membrane fusion events at such a small physical scale, we developed chemically tuneable systems allowing quantification of fusion in real time by confocal microscopy. We also look at the internal structure of multivesicular bodies by electron microscopy to have a better insight into their inner membrane network. Intra-endosomal processes play a role in exosome uptake, antigen presentation and viral infection, therefore deciphering their workings could lead to interesting developments in the context of exosome biology and immunity.

Curriculum vitae

I graduated from the engineering school ESPCI ParisTech in Paris with an engineer degree and master in molecular and cell biology. I am currently doing my PhD in vesicular biology in the lab of Sjaak Neefjes.


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