Msc. Emma Schoep



As of April 2018 I started working as data-analyst in the type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2D) research group led by Leen ‘t Hart. My work is mostly focused on Genome Wide Association Study in relation to T2D related complications, such as chronic kidney disease and cardiovascular diseases. One of the major challenges in T2D is the variation in the progression of the diseases. With this research, we hope to find some evidence that may help developing a more personalized treatment of the disease.   

For me personally, this project provides an interesting challenge in which I can develop my skills every day, for example by using the SHARK cluster server and working in R. Besides, I enjoy working in a field focussed on the improvement of healthcare.


Curriculum Vitae:


I have studied health science (BSc) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. Afterwards, I completed the master Health Education and Promotion at Maastricht University. During my studies I focussed mostly on health interventions and prevention of lifestyle related diseases. Besides this topic, statistics and data-analyses had my interest. As a next step, I started working at the LUMC as data-analyst.




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