Dr. Konda Babu Kurakula


Unravelling the molecular mechanisms in pulmonary vascular remodelling in PAH- Reduced levels of BMPR2, either by genetic mutations or during disease progression, is one of the divers of PAH progression. Using PAH patient derived vascular cells, I have tried to identify key modulators of Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) signalling in PAH and found several druggable targets that play crucial role in the pulmonary vascular remodelling. Currently, we are trying to translate these findings to the clinic.

Understanding the female preponderance in PAH- Despite PAH is strongly associated with female preponderance (3:1), the molecular mechanisms are largely unknown. Estrogen receptor (ER) binds to the BMP receptor2 (BMPR2) and therefore may regulate BMP signalling in PAH. I am investigating the molecular mechanisms underlying the female predominance in PAH with a focus on ER-BMPR2 axis using an interdisciplinary approach.

Assessing the underlying mechanisms in chronic thrombo embolic pulmonary hypertension (CTEPH)- Although CTEPH leads to severe pulmonary hypertension, the pathophysiological mechanisms remain unknown. I have identified two key proteins which might regulate coagulation in CTEPH patients and want to explore the underlying mechanisms in the initiation and progression of CTEPH using patient derived vascular cells and lung educated platelets.


Curriculum Vitae:

After finishing my bachelors in pharmaceutical sciences at JNT University, India, did my asters in Molecular and Cellular Biology at University of Skovde, Sweden. During my Master studies, I did an internship in vascular biology at the department of MCB, Leiden University Medical Center, under the supervision of Dr. AAF de Vries. My PhD research was focussed on novel regulators in immune and vascular diseases in the lab of Prof. C de Vries in the department of Medical Biochemistry, Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam. Still interested in vascular biology, I moved to the group of Prof. MJ Goumans at the department of MCB, LUMC and performed my postdoctoral training as a member of the CVON-PHAEDRA consortium trying to understand the pathobiology of PAH, and identification of novel druggable targets to inhibit or reverse abnormal pulmonary vascular remodelling to treat PAH patients. Recently I received a Longfonds junior postdoc grant to continue my research.  

ORCID ID: 0000-0002-9830-6344


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