MSc Marius Wits


My research focuses on the detection of latent heritable pulmonary arterial hypertension (HPAH). This disease is caused by gene mutations resulting in dysfunctionalities in the TGF-beta cell signaling pathway in endothelial cells of the pulmonary arterioles. Therefore, the lung microvasculature undergoes remodeling with increased vascular resistance and hypertension as a result. Pulmonary hypertension pressures the right heart to overperform, leading to right heart failure. Disease recognition, detection or diagnosis is often too late, resulting in a poor clinical outcome in those patients. Early detection of PH, before acquiring right heart failure, gives way for treatment and hence results in an excellent clinical prognosis. We aim to detect latent PH by assessing patient derived liquid biopsies for biomarkers relevant in disease progression. In this way, we intent to detect PH at an early stage and utilize this to the clinic.

Curriculum Vitae

My background consists of a bachelor in Biology and a master in Biomedical Sciences with the track Regenerative Medicine and Technology, which I both studied in Utrecht. My interests in topics containing cell biology with a translational perspective has always driven my research internships. With the same scope, I currently work as a PhD-candidate in the group of Marie-José Goumans, focusing on the cardiovascular disease pulmonary arterial hypertension.



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