Ing. Martijn Rabelink

Curriculum Vitae:


I studied Biochemistry at Hogeschool West-Brabant (Etten-Leur, the Netherlands). My internship (1995-1996) was done at the department of Cell Biology and Genetics at Erasmus MC (Rotterdam, the Netherlands). My research project was about generating recombinant baculoviruses.

After finishing my study I started working as a research technician at the department of Biopharmaceutics at Leiden University (Leiden, the Netherlands). This department is a part of Leiden Amsterdam Center for Drug Research (LACDR) institute. My research was focused about affinity studies using Biacore 2000 system.

Since 1997 I work as a research technician in the group of Prof. Rob Hoeben at the department of Cell and Chemical Biology (formerly Molecular Cell Biology) at LUMC (Leiden, the Netherlands). I manage the Viral Vector Facility.


Research / Viral Vector Facility:


For research within our group and collaborating groups I generate, produce, purify and titrate virus batches of adenoviruses, lentiviruses and reoviruses. I distribute clones from the human and mouse Mission shRNA (Sigma-Aldrich/Broad Institute) and recently obtained human CRISPR/CAS9 (Sigma-Aldrich/Sanger) libraries. These arrayed libraries can be used for gene knockdown and modification and are licenced to use within whole LUMC. Over 150 research articles, in which these libraries were used, were published by LUMC colleagues.


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