From the LUMC

Margherita Botto (PhD student) 2018-2022

Current: Postdoc in Andreas Boland lab - University of Geneva

Alesssandro Borsellini (PhD student) 2018-2022

Current: Postdoc in Alessandro Vannini group - Human Technopole Milan

Joana Santos (post-doc) 2018-2022

Current: Junior researcher in Padro Pereira group - i3S, Porto

Anuja C. Joshi (post-doc) 2019-2022

Current: Medical writer

Raffaella Tassoni (post-doc) 2019-2020


Patrick Voskamp (technician) 2019

Current: Technician in Marcellus Ubbink Group, Leiden Institute of Chemistry, Leiden


From the LMB:

Jengjing Zhao (PhD student) 2014-2017 

Current: Postdoc in David Pellman group - Dana Farber Cancer Institute, Boston

Emma Gleave (technician) 2015-2017

Current: Senior Researcher - AstraZeneca, Manchester

Marike van Roon (technician) 2014-2017 

Current: Research associate in Kelly Nguyen Group - Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge

Helen Kent (technician) 2012-2014

Current: Retired, sipping tea in her garden

Soledad Banos Mateos (PhD student) 2013-2017 

Current: Senior Researcher -  VIVEbiotech, San Sebastian

Ulla Franziska Lang (PhD student) 2012-2016 

Current: Project officer, Roche, Basel

Rafael Fernandez-Leiro (post-doc) 2011-2017

Current: Group Leader, Centro National Investigationes Oncologias, Madrid

Ana Toste-Rego (post-doc) 2010-2014 

Principal Scientist - Artios Pharma, Cambridge


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