Janneke Peerlings, J.H.D. (CCB)


I obtained my bachelor’s degree in Biology and Medical Laboratory Sciences at the University of Applied Science Breda in 2018. For my graduation internship, at Glycostem Therapeutics in Oss, I looked at optimizing the genetic modification of CD34+ progenitor cells with lentiviral vectors in order to genetically manipulate NK cells to improve their functionality, cytotoxicity and targeting ability. For my master’s I continued my studies at the University of Leiden in Biology and Science Communication and graduated in 2021. During my master’s I completed an internship at the department of Cell and Chemical Biology in the Type 2 Diabetes group led by Leen ‘t Hart looking at the role of a lncRNA in human pancreatic β-cells in relation to type 2 diabetes and obesity. After obtaining my master degree, I began working in 2022 as a research technician and data scientist in the Type 1 and 2 Diabetes Mellitus groups.


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