Paul Hekking


I’m an organic chemist and currently in peptide synthesis facility of the Ovaa group, where we synthesize a lot of peptides, which vary from small peptide inhibitors to ubiquitin- and sumo-like proteins on scale varying from 1 µmol to 1 mmol. Our facility also facilitates a wide variety of modifications, such as, but not limited to; acetylation, biotinylation, thiolysine, rhodamine, etc.


Curriculum Vitae:

My first internship was in a GMP QC laboratory, at which I was in the R&D department, specializing in the development and validation of analytical methods. My focus was mainly on HPLC methods and the validation of HPLC equipment. During this internship I developed a method to assess the activity of heparin with a UV-platereader, designed a validation and calibration protocol for a fluorescence detector and validated two HPLC assay methods.
My second (graduation) internship was at the Ovaa Lab, where I did my research on the synthesis of peptide inhibitors for K-ras, cell permeable carrier peptides and Huntingtin gene synthesis.
Currently I’m working at the Ovaa group as a technician in the peptide synthesis facility.


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