CCB Science Committee

The Science Committee of the CCB department aims to aid writing and submission of funding grants. Our role is to provide applicants with advice on how to improve applications. We consist of researchers with varied backgrounds who can review your grant or help you find reviewers, assess your CV, and check financial embedding within the department. We also contact the science committees of other LUMC departments to enable broad grant reviewing.

All funding grants should be sent to the CCB department (even if no help is required) so that we can track submitted, rejected and rewarded grants. This data helps researchers identify promising targets for funding calls. In addition, the committee checks that no requests are asked for that the dept cannot meet.

For additional help, please contact the secretary or the current chair.

The current CCB Science Committee members are:

CCB Science Committee           


dr. G.J. van der Heden van Noort (Chair)
dr. A. Zaldumbide
dr. D. A.Baker
dr. I. Berlin
dr. L. Kervezee
dr. V. Kemp
dr. P.J. Hensbergen (CPM)
J.J.A.Theirlynck (Secretary)

Contact the Research Support Desk (RSD) with any question concerning your research and meeting institutional and funder requirements, for example central data stewardship, data management and the DMP online tool.You can send an e-mail to


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