Jelle de Vries


As an organic chemist I have gained experience in making all kinds of chemical compounds, either known from literature or completely new and from milligrams to kilograms. I can use the entire spectrum of chemical techniques and analyses to obtain just about any new compound that is needed for a project or modify and manipulate existing compounds to create new promising analogues. My main focus lies on the synthesis of several different classes of compounds to be used in research projects of our lab or of other labs that we have collaborations with. Examples are the synthesis of Rhodamine and analogues to be used as chemical dyes to study all kinds of cellular processes or the synthesis of kinase inhibitors.

Curriculum Vitae:

I obtained my BSc in Organic Chemistry from the Hogeschool Leiden in 2001. My graduation was split into two parts: the first part was with the Pyne research group at the University of Wollongong in Australia, focusing on the synthesis of the indolizidine alkaloid Swainsonine,  a mannosidase inhibitor that is present in locoweed. The second part was with the Van Boom research group at the University of Leiden, focusing on the synthesis of a fragment of a bacterial polysaccharide.

After my graduation in 2001 I started my career at Organon N.V. at the medicinal chemistry department before moving on to Specs and BioSpecs (custom organic synthesis), Leiden University (synthesis of biopolymers and organometallic catalysts), Solvay (pilot plant scale organic syntheses up to ca. 100 liter, medicinal chemistry and enzymatic catalysis) and ISA (peptide synthesis) before I joined Huib Ovaa’s research group in October 2015.


  • An LC–MS/MS method for quantification of the active abiraterone metabolite Δ(4)-abiraterone (D4A) in human plasma.

    Merel van Nuland, Hilde Rosinga, Jelle de Vries, Huib Ovaa, Jan H.M. Schellens, Jos H. Beijnen

    Journal of Chromatography B 1068–1069 (2017) 119–124.

  • Optimization of N′-(arylsulfonyl)pyrazoline-1-carboxamidines by exploiting a novel interaction site in the 5-HT6 antagonistic binding pocket.

    Arnold van Loevezijn, Jennifer Venhorst, Wouter I. Iwema Bakker, Jos H.M. Lange,‖Wouter de Looff, Remco Henzen, Jelle de Vries, ... , Martina A.W. van der Neut, Natasja M.W.J. de Bruin, Chris G.Kruse;

    Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 26 (2016) 1605–1611.

  • The first examples of rhodium-catalyzed 1,4-conjugate addition reactions of arylboronic acids with ethenesulfonamides

    Adri van den Hoogenband, Jelle de Vries, Jos H.M. Lange, Jan Willem Terpstra;

    Tetrahedron Letters 52 (2011) 5934–5939.


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