Jin Gan


My research focuses on the screening of human immunoproteasome small molecule modulators. Proteasomes are protein complexes which degrade abnormal or damaged proteins. So far, three kinds of proteasomes have been reported in vertebrates: constitutive proteasome, thymoproteasome and immunoproteasome. The immunoproteasome is responsible for the generation of antigenic peptides for cell-mediated immunity, and recognized as a strong drug target for autoimmune disease and cancer. As a consequence, immunoproteasome-selective modulators can be potentially exploited as immunity enhancing drugs.

Curriculum Vitae:

I have been doing a PhD study in Huib Ovaa’s lab since October, 2017. I did my master study in Fudan University in China. During my master studies, my research topic was mainly focusing on identifying the cellular proteins interacting with KSHV’s Latency Associated Nuclear Antigen (LANA) protein, there I received comprehensive training in cell culture, mutational analysis, in vitro SUMO/ubiquitin modification.



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