About the Ten Dijke lab

We want to know how cells communicate with each other, how signals are transduced across the membrane into the nucleus and affect transcriptional responses and how perturbation of these processes lead to human diseases. These are the fundamental questions we try to address and in particular, we focus on transforming growth factor (TGF)-b signal transduction in cancer, cardiovascular and cartilage/bone diseases.  

In our research we employ state of the art technologies in molecular cell biology, genetics, biochemistry. In addition, we use 3-dimensional organoid (heterotypic) culture systems, vessel on a chip using microfluidics, as well as zebrafish and mouse models. More recently, chemical biology approaches are used to dynamically monitor and manipulate extracellular and intracellular TGF-b signaling pathways in a selective manner. Our overarching aim is to find innovative ways to target perturbed TGF-b family signaling pathways for therapeutic gain.

Collaborate with us

Looking for information on one of our topics, a new place to conduct your research or experienced research to join forces with?  Feel free to contact us.!

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